Our residential PPA portfolio in Switzerland


Our residential PPA portfolio in Switzerland is a testament to our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. With more than 600 sites spread across the country, our portfolio encompasses a wide range of locations, ensuring that we cater to various regions and communities.

We offer both Consumption and Production type Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), providing flexibility to our customers in how they engage with renewable energy. In 20% of the cases our PPAs also include a storage solution.

What sets our residential PPA portfolio apart is our long-term commitment. Our contracts have an average duration of 20 years, reflecting our dedication to providing homeowners with stable, clean energy solutions for the long haul.


Residental customers

Key Details

Commissioning date: 2016 to date
Electricity production: 14 GWh to date
Storage: Batteries in 20% of the projects

Environmental Impact

Our residential portfolio in Switzerland is projected to offset 650 tons of CO2 per year for every MWp of installed capacity. This calculation is based on a specific CO2 offset of 560 g CO2 per kWh of solar energy produced, assuming full integration of the Swiss electricity markets into the European electricity markets.

Challenges & Solutions

Implementing a residential solar PPA portfolio presents a series of challenges, including the necessity for seamless two-way communication with sites, addressing portfolio fragmentation from an asset management perspective, and structuring financing for individually small investments.

Youdera has proactively addressed these obstacles by implementing a dedicated gateway with independent internet connections to improve communication, establishing partnerships with reliable local partners for efficient installation and O&M activities, and adopting batch financing strategies while emphasizing portfolio performance to instill confidence among senior lenders.

The key enabler in overcoming these challenges was our proprietary Youdera software, designed to ensure the efficient management of distributed energy through technology and the automation of key processes.