Intermarché supermarket, Guarda, Portugal


Intermarché, a well-known French supermarket chain, operates some of its stores through a franchising model. In Portugal, they boast a widespread network of supermarkets, offering convenience to a large customer base.

This project was executed through a Production Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Youdera. Under this agreement, Youdera assumed full responsibility for the investment in the PV system, the carport structure, and associated civil works. As a result, Intermarché had no capital expenditure (capex) associated with this project, aligning with their goal of cost reduction and reducing their carbon footprint.


Supermarkets & Grocery stores industy

Key Details

  • Power: 291 kWp

  • Location: Guarda, Portugal

  • Type of building: Supermarket

  • Mounting system: Carport

  • Completion Date: 2021

  • Monitoring: Youdera App

Environmental Impact

The Intermarché Guarda plant is estimated to offset 240 ton of CO2e per year or 7'200 ton of CO2e over the plant's lifetime.

Challenges & Solutions

In the specific case of Intermarché Guarda, a franchisee was keen to address two key objectives: create shaded parking facilities and reduce energy costs. Given the franchisee's desire to minimize expenses and environmental impact, they explored the possibility of installing a solar power system either on the store's roof or as a carport at the store's entrance. Ultimately, the decision favored the carport option, primarily to provide essential shade to customers during the summer months.