Hotel Playa Esperanza, Maiorca, Spain


The family owned Hotel Playa Esperanza, sought to embrance solar energy as a primary power source. The project's central challenge revolved around efficiently harnessing solar power for the entire complex, comprised of multiple buildings, while ensuring minimal disruption to existing operations.

In the initial phase, Youdera successfully installed a 302 kWp system, later followed by an additional 279 kWp. Notably, the project also incorporated a solar carport, providing guests with shaded parking facilities.


Tourism industry

Key Details

  • Power: 581 kWp

  • Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

  • Type of building: Hotel

  • Completion Date: 2022

Environmental Impact

The Hotel Playa Esperanza plant is estimated to offset 500 ton of CO2e per year or 15'000 ton of CO2e over the plant's lifetime.

Challenges & Solutions

Following a period of closure due to COVID restrictions, the proprietors of Hotel Playa Esperanza made the strategic choice to adopt solar energy through a Youdera Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This forward-looking solution enabled them to realize the financial advantages of the photovoltaic (PV) plant without the need for upfront capital investment, all while aligning with the environmentally conscious preferences of today's environmentally-conscious tourists, a pivotal factor in the tourism industry.