Avoris, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Avoris, a leading travel agency under Grupo Barcelo, relocated to a refurbished office building in Palma de Mallorca, housing 500 employees. Their modern and energy-efficient headquarters became a local reference for design and comfort.

By adopting a Youdera Solar PPA, Avoris minimized their carbon footprint and operating costs, becoming a sustainability leader in the travel industry. Their headquarters became a symbol of innovation and environmental responsibility, setting an example for their peers.


Travel industry

Key Details

  • Power: 252 kWp

  • Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

  • Type of building: Office building

  • Mounting system: On-roof

  • Completion Date: 2023

  • Monitoring: Youdera App

Environmental Impact

The Avoris solar plant is estimated to offset 260 ton of CO2e per year or 7'800 ton of CO2e over the plant's lifetime.

Challenges & Solutions

Avoris aimed to reduce costs and their carbon footprint by embracing renewable energy. They sought a solution without upfront investments or maintenance responsibilities for a solar power plant.

Youdera handled installation and maintenance, allowing Avoris to focus on their core business.