Younergy establishes joint venture with Getec

Getec and Younergy have entered into a strategic partnership in Switzerland and Europe, aiming to offer businesses an innovative Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solution through a dedicated Swiss joint Asset Company.

Headquartered in Germany and boasting a strong footprint in Switzerland, Getec Energy Services stands as one of Europe's leading thermal energy solutions providers. The company is committed to ushering in energy efficiency for businesses, ensuring they can transition without the burden of capital expenditure and operational complexities. Currently, over 11'500 clients spanning various industries benefit from Getec's bespoke energy solutions.

Youdera, on the other hand, brings to this partnership a profound expertise in photovoltaic (PV) systems. Coupled with in-depth 'solar-as-a-service' know-how, Younergy is positioned uniquely to enhance the value proposition for its clients. This model not only allows businesses to harness solar energy seamlessly but also to do so without the intricate challenges associated with system ownership.

The decision for Getec and Younergy to collaborate stems from a shared vision. Both companies understand the transformative potential of solar energy for businesses across the spectrum. By combining Getec's investment and existing customer base strength with Younergy's PV expertise and service model, this alliance is set to empower businesses in their journey towards sustainable and efficient energy consumption.

imageAerial view of the Muttenz industrial park in Switzerland, managed and owned by Getec Switzerland AG.