Press release: Younergy rebrands to Youdera

Younergy Group Announces Sale of Swiss Solar Installation Division, Emerges as Youdera with Enhanced Focus on Solar PPAs

In an important strategic move, Younergy Group has sold its solar installation arm in Switzerland to the Swiss Solar Group. This pivotal transition not only strengthens the company’s core assets but also paves the way for its rebranding as Youdera, dedicated to advancing on-site solar PPAs and innovative software solutions across Europe.

Shifting Horizons: Sale and Investment

By successfully divesting its Swiss installation division, a subsidiary that was spun off in 2021, Younergy has transitioned away from directly providing installation services in the markets where it currently operates. An important highlight of the transaction is that a part of the proceeds has been reinvested in the Swiss Solar Group. Chairman Rainer Isenrich states This transaction allows us to strengthen our financial foundation while also endorsing a future collaboration with the Swiss Solar Group, reflecting our long-term vision and commitment to the solar sector in Switzerland.

Introducing Youdera

As Younergy undergoes its transformation into Youdera, CEO Pedro Miranda underscores the significance of this evolution, stating:The shift to Youdera represents more than just a change in name; it embraces the essence of our proprietary software, which we have been developing since 2016. This software is instrumental in our ability to efficiently originate, operate, and own Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), a pivotal component in the world's energy transition. By adopting Youdera as our group brand, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing distributed solar energy. We are now ideally positioned to leverage our leading technology, expand our solar-as-a-service offerings, and extend our presence across Europe”.

About Youdera

Founded in 2015 and based at the EPFL hub in Lausanne, Youdera, formerly known as Younergy, pioneered the solar-as-a-service solution for residential customers in Switzerland. Specializing in solar PPAs, the company has grown its presence in Switzerland and extended to Spain, Portugal, and Germany. Central to Youdera's success is its custom software, streamlining the management of solar PV assets from inception to operation and financing. By offering specialized solutions across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors,and through selected partnerships Youdera seeks to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, ensuring a brighter and sustainable future for all.