AI Specialist




  • A Bachelor’s degree (BTech/BSc) and a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Informatics, or a closely related field.

  • Strong experience in Python programming, with a focus on developing data-driven solutions.

  • Proficiency in neural network technologies and practical experience with key frameworks and libraries (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn) required. 

  • A proven track record of AI-driven projects, showcasing your ability to apply AI/ML/Data Science technologies in practical applications.

  • Experience in applying AI/ML/ Data science technologies within the solar renewable energy domain is highly valued, reflecting a direct alignment with our core business area.

  • Seeking a candidate with demonstrated experience in cryptocurrency projects, particularly to explore innovative applications of blockchain technology in the solar energy sector. 

  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively in team settings.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated by a proactive approach to identifying and pursuing new opportunities.

Job Description

As an AI Specialist, you'll play a crucial role in our team by applying your expertise in artificial intelligence to optimize processes, enhance risk management, and improve data analytics in the renewable energy domain. Your work will directly impact our ability to deliver advanced, sustainable energy solutions to our clients.

What will be your main responsibilities?

Develop and implement AI algorithms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy solutions.
Conduct in-depth data analysis to inform strategic decisions and optimize business operations.
Utilize machine learning and neural networks to address complex challenges in the renewable energy sector.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate AI technologies into our systems and workflows.
Stay abreast of the latest AI trends and technologies, applying them to drive innovation within the company.


Hybrid (Remote and in-person) in Lausanne, Switzerland

What we offer

  • The opportunity to be the driving force behind the growth of a new brand within a rapidly expanding international solar company, and to build your own team.

  • Support by a passionate and experienced team of colleagues within Youdera Group to ensure your success.

  • Competitive salary package with a fixed and incentive scheme.

Please send the CV and Cover Letter to